About Us

Do you have a part of a closet, a window or something else valuable, but is this nowhere to be re-ordered?

· Are you looking for original jewelry made of wood?

· Are you looking for wooden covers for your mobile or laptop?

· Are you planning to purchase a 3D printer and / or accessories, but do you still have some doubts?

· Are you looking for a company that assists you in making scale models? Both 3D prints and lasercut?

· Or do you just want to leave something 3D-printing or let something be done?

 Then you have come to the right place at Lay3rD 3D-Printing & Lasercut!

 As mentioned above, we do many different things. You can actually assume that we can manufacture almost anything. However, there are some limits on our devices.

· For 3D printing we are limited to a maximum construction volume of 20 x 20 x 20 cm. We usually use PLA for our customers because ABS is a much more difficult material for printing. The colors that we have available ourselves can be found on the 3D prints tab.

· For the laser cutter we are limited to a maximum cutting surface of 120 x 60 cm. Our laser is 100 watts so it must be taken into account that a thickness of 12 mm (MDF) is the maximum. You can find the materials that we have at our disposal on the lasercut tab.

Due to our extensive machinery it is possible to guarantee a fast service for our customers. We often get the positive feedback: "Amai, is that ready?".

You can also come to us for drawing 3D models or models. Please fill in the contact form.

Some examples of what we have already realized can be found in our webshop but also on our Facebook page and Instagram.



If you want to get some inspiration or download a 3D model, you can do so on various websites such as: